Together we will stand united!

We never thought this would happen in all our years in Style but for the health of our family, staff and customers we have decided to close all 4 stores and our Stitch and Style alterations shop.

We know we have a lot of customers over all Ireland and United Kingdom who are very vulnerable due to their age and possible underlying conditions so we please urge you to self-insolate!

We understand that this is a very difficult time for many people and what a big impact it will have on our mental health so please do call us on 02882247808 if you do need a listening ear. The shop phone goes straight to Kate, Alice and Daniel's house so it's luck of the draw who you'll get. Kate will be at home and always loves chatting to her customers, Daniel will be free to do deliveries and I will be looking after Grace who will more than likely run to get the phone 📞 herself!

We want our customers to know no matter where in the world you are we are here for you. We want to help and do whatever we can to help! 💗

Our website is still open 🖥. The website address is Delivery times could vary over this next while but please bare with us!

We will all work together and get through this together. Together we will stand united! We can do this!

Lots of love to all our customers. Thank you for your support over the years and we want you to know we are here to support you!

Kathleen, Charlie, Daniel, Alice and all our staff! xoxo


  • Mary Wilson

    Pleasure to do business with Style. Especially Alice who is so accommodating describing the garments details that I as as customer may want to know. Stay safe and we will all come out on the other side!.

  • Ann Smith

    Thank you for the prompt delivery of 2 Barbara Lebek tops i bought this week.Im delighted with them and your choice of clothes.I wish you every success over the next weeks and months and I will definitely be a firm customer of yours.

  • Rita Hanly

    Thank you and please God we will all beat this virus by obeying the rules .

  • Margaret GRIFFIN

    Stay Safe.

  • Carol Milton

    How lovely of you to offer to chat on the phone. Over and above the call of duty! Well done, and stay well ❤️❤️

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