6 Reasons why you should be gardening this Summer!

6 Reasons why you should be gardening this Summer!


Suns out, Shovels in! 

Long evenings are upon us and aren’t they just the best thing… Longer days and more energy mean only one thing – it’s time to get the gloves on and get out in the good old flower beds!

With 2018 deemed to be one of the best Summer’s the UK has to offer, make the most of your evenings and get planting those pots.


Athletic Aesthetics

It’s known that when things look good, you feel good.  So pair up the physical activity and exercise those weeds to give your garden a fresh new look for the Summer – we promise you’ll feel as buzzing as a bee when you’ve got the job done!  Plus, the neighbours will be stung by envy!



Never mind just exercising the weeds, think of the exercise you’ll be getting!  You’ll be like a yo-yo back and forth to the compost bin with the weeds and new plants - getting your sweat on was never so much fun.  And with the artistic flare involved, rest assured the time will fly and who knows how many calories you’ll have burnt in the sun on top of your shoulders and ears…


Vitamin D

As I mentioned about the cheeky sunburn on your shoulders and ears, it’s not all bad!  Vitamin D is derived from the sun for our bodies to absorb and synthetize, promoting the absorption of Calcium and ultimately reducing the risk of early onset osteoporosis – Win Win! 


Mind Matters

Fresh air, relaxing environment, sun beaming, heat on your back, shades on…the list goes on!  All these little things add up to really benefit your mental health!  Taking time to yourself and doing something you love will only bring positivity and happiness into your life.  Reduced anxiety and depression = happy mind and body!


Do right by the environment

No weeds might mean a prettier garden, but compost is a natural fertiliser which can be used to grow your plants and make a well, even prettier garden!  Plant all the trees and all the flowers and be the creator of more oxygen in the world, as plants produce oxygen as a by-product of photosynthesis – think of all that clean fresh air you’ll be creating and making a greener environment. Yes, maybe this means you’re the real David Attenborough!


Party Time

With all the sun beaming and your new-found gardening escapades, it would be a complete shame not to get the neighbours and the friends round for a cocktail!  Show off the flower beds in your most stylish dress, and flash the lights on as the night time rolls in to keep the mood alive.  Who doesn’t love a party!  I’m sure the friends and family will understand if ‘Sex on the Beach’ isn’t on the cocktail menu…but no one ever complained about a strawberry daiquiri!


No more excuses, only positivity, off you go now, grab the shovel and get gardening!

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