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  • Beat The Winter Blues – Get your Steps Up

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    It’s no laughing matter when your ‘New Year’s Resolution’ was to get fit and healthy and it’s now the end of January and you’ve made absolutely zero headway on it…

    Well we have compiled a list of our top tips to get you moving be it only a walk up and down your street!


    1. Wake up Early!

    Start with 10 minutes earlier to get a short walk in; then 20; then 30 and soon enough you’ll be up every morning getting your morning walk done and dusted before you start your day!  Getting the fresh air on board as soon as you wake up will help you kick start your day and blow off them early bird cobwebs!


    1. Find a walking buddy

    Be it your neighbour; your daughter or son; or your partner get - someone on board!  It’s always more fun with someone else and if you made a commitment to them to do it then you’ll be more inclined to go for your walk than find an excuse to stay in and watch the soaps!


    1. Keep the Immune System Strong

    Getting out there into the cold air with your woollies on will keep your immune system strong and able to tackle it compared to if you stay indoors by the fire all evening!  Letting your body experience the cold will allow it to adjust quicker the more often it is exposed to it and ironically keep the cold’s and flus at bay!


    1. It’s Nearly running season!

    Maybe one of your goals was to complete a 5km race, or 10km or even a half marathon!  The best way to complete this is to get out there and get your steps up even if it is only starting with a walk!  You can gradually add jogging into it the more you get going and soon it will be a ritual and who knows you could be completely that 10km race in 2018 after all – remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day!


    1. A quick cuppa!

    Going for a walk in the cold Winter weather these days is just one more reason to go back in and have a lovely cuppa by the fire afterwards to reward yourself!


    Get Walking!

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  • Our Top 4 Items not to Miss Out on in the Sales

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    Sales are everywhere!  It can be incredibly difficult to decipher whether you’re getting a bargain steal or a sad impulse buy that won’t ever see the light of day…

    Never fear, for we’ve put together a list of our 4 All Time Bargain Buys that you can’t go wrong with no matter if it’s from 2008 or 2018!


    1. Knitwear

    Knitwear is a shining beam of light in every woman’s life.  Nice day but still a bit nippy for the T-Shirt…Jumper it is.  Freezing cold with a snow blizzard – Get the turtle neck out.  Winter Sale is the perfect time to get yourself stocked up on the goods when it comes to knitwear.  Be it your small business Boutique’s or Large Chain Retail stores they are all slashing the price on this Season’s goods to make way for the light tops and shirts of the Summer, meaning you get bargains.  Let’s be real, it’s Winter time approximately 9 months of the Year here – so get yourself online or instore and get stocked up.


    1. Scarves

    Give.  Me.  Them.  All. 

    Scarves are my favourite accessory of all time.  You simply can’t go wrong.  Keep the heat in and the cold out with a big blanket scarf in the Winter months whilst sporting a thin light weight scarf draped over the shoulders for the Summer Months to give your look the extra edge (see what I mean, they’re perfect for every situation!).  Winter is the perfect time to purchase as not only do they have the latest season scarves dropped in there at all time low prices they have style steals that you can wear transitioning from Winter to Spring.  By this I mean lighter weight scarves for when the temperature might come out of the minuses.  Don’t over look the scarf, they look after you!


    1. Coats

    Coats give me all the feels - be it a big puffer coat; a long draper coat; a short zip up; or a fluffy faux fur coat - now is the time to get your hands on them.  One thing that never goes out of style in your Winter Coat.  Every year, if you can trust in nothing else – trust in the coat.  They have got your back…literally.  Not only are there serious steals in the sales for Coats but they’re the latest in the Season, for all stores want to make room for their SS18 collections coming through, so be sure you’ll find some slashing prices on your new favourite coat with the all inclusive details. 


    1. Boots
    Let’s not mess about here…a woman in a good boot is a woman not to be touched.  Small heel; big heel; block heel; skinny heel…Send them my way.  Never going out of style they will support you where nothing else will!  The perfect addition to your wardrobe, be it you don’t dare go near the sale rails the boots are there for you to browse at - just staring at you waiting for your love.  Buckle up or zip up with style steals in your new boots and be sure they were made for walking when you saved a ton on them too!

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  • If there are a lot of alterations to be done to a dress should you buy it??

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    Going out for dress shopping is more of a challenge than an activity. Dress shopping is more of an emotional journey that you go on rather than a physical one. Choosing a dress of your choice entails that the dress looks good and most importantly, it fits you right.

    The fitting of a dress is important because it adds to your appearance; thus if it is loosely fitted or too tight, it would not stand out the way it should.

    Usually, when we go out, boutique to boutique in search for a dress, we have in mind an ideal dress that most often than not has been worn by celebrities or models.

    The way these women carry themselves; leaves a strong impact on the viewers. The impact is due to the fact that these women are comfortable with the fitting of the dress. This is why we tend to see it fit us just right when we go to buy the dress. However, there are times when the dress does not fit you properly. It is either completely loose or tight, or maybe has slight adjustment issues. Does this mean that we do away with the ideal we have in our minds? Or is there another way out?

    There is without doubt a way to solve this problem. It is clearly obvious that no individual, may it be a male or a female has the same body shape and size. Thus, the ready-mades, which are generally available, are called standard sizes. These sizes are more of an example or a demonstration that are displayed so that the customers can have an idea of how it would look on them or even generally. Also, because there is no one body size or shape, almost every woman is most likely to get an alteration done. Thus, it all boils down to getting the dress altered. Alteration is an excellent substitute for fixing a dress so that it can take your shape. Consequently, an alteration is also a piece of art that only a few can do and not all. For this reason, make sure to see who you are handing it over to for alteration. A well-trained dressmaker is the person who is worth spending money on. He will make sure that the dress is altered just flawlessly so that it suits the person who has to wear it. This way the concern regarding enhancing the appearance will also go away.

    Even though, a dressmaker is an option and that too, a good one, but it is important to mention that these dressmakers are expensive. Perfecting your dress is a skill that these dressmakers have but a skill is a skill and that has a cost to be paid. This is why it is necessary for you to also have a certain understanding of how much alteration would a particular dress need like for example how many nips and tucks are needed because after all who would want to leave a dress that they have idealized just because it has to be slightly altered or because the alteration is expensive?

    Our alterations boutique, Stitch 'n' Style Omagh is available for all your alteration needs. Visit our comfortable fitting rooms or call us now on 028 8224 7808 to request a quote.

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  • Online Shopping for Clothes VS. In-store Shopping

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    A highly debated on topic, there are many pros and cons to both types of shopping experiences – online and in-store buying. Below, there are brief discussions on the advantages and disadvantages of both.

    Online Shopping

    In the past 10 years, there has been so much change in the online shopping experienced by customers that almost 1 in every 3 shoppers is buying online. This is because you have extremely quick searching options and can look through hundreds and thousands of stores to find the perfect piece of clothing for the perfect price. If you do the same action physically, it can take you days, even weeks to look through all these stores and find the most appropriate option – not to forget all the fatigue, gas, parking hassle and other duties you will have to sacrifice. With online shopping, all you have to do is type in a few words and the internet will do all the searching. Within a few seconds, you can get your desired product and have it delivered to your doorstep while you remain in the comfort of your home. In fact, online stores have started to provide a size chart for each piece of clothing so that you won’t be stuck with something that is too tight or too loose for your body. So basically, the two main and biggest advantages of online shopping include convenience and selection.

    In-Store Shopping

    With online shopping, all you get to see is a model wearing the clothes – sometimes not even that – and you aren’t able to tell how the clothes actually look on you. And the model might not even have the same body shape as you which can mislead you into buying something that will not complement your body and may highlight all the wrong curves. When you opt for an in-store shopping experience, you can try out as many clothes as you want to find the perfect fit and perfect design that compliments your body perfectly. And another thing that online shopping misses out on is the actual shopping experience itself. Nothing is more satisfying than carrying all those newly purchased items in branded bags to tell the world where you’ve been shopping. Also, shopping is the perfect hangout when you’re out with your girlfriends and it can make you a whole lot more relaxed and happier. It’s the perfect follow-up activity after a lunch date.

    What’s more, with online shopping you can’t get a feel of the material and you cannot distinguish poor quality from good quality. A good picture taken from the right angles can make any product look good. In-store shopping provides customers with a first-hand experience which they can use to distinguish between materials and choose the perfect one.

    Then again, there are pros and cons to almost everything. Whether you opt for online shopping on in-store shopping, is completely dependent on you and your lifestyle.

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  • The Burning Question from the World of Fashion - Soft or Hard denim?

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    Are you a denim fan? Why not? Denims are trendy, comfortable and long lasting elements of your wardrobe. They are colourful, stylish and they are ready to wear, at all times. Talk about ease of use!

    Denims have been in fashion for a long time now. A large part of the world wears denims in their daily lifestyles. This is one trend, which has managed to stay in contention for a long period of time, due to its ability to evolve according to fashion requirements of people from different parts of the world. It is known as an ever evolving fashion trend. This has also provided people with a range of options to choose from.

    Denims are available in so many styles and variations. Some of the most popular are;

    • Jeans boot-cut
    • Slim leg
    • Skinny
    • Super Stretch
    • Original Denim etc.

     This is brilliant for the customer, as it is giving them an opportunity to select a version of denim that suits them the best. This enables you to find the right denim according to your body type, something you will feel good in and look well in.

    Another important aspect of denim jeans, is their material. There are different types of materials which form a denim, but it normally falls into one of these two categories; Soft or Hard denim!!

    The question on the mind of many people these days, is which type of denim they should choose. Hard denim has been around for a long time and it’s only recently that Soft denim has become very popular.


    Soft jeans are more comfortable and flexible, as compared to the hard denim. They are perfect if you need to wear your denims for longer parts of your days. They are very soft and will feel like a second skin.


    Hard jeans don’t lose their shape quickly and won’t crease very much, which is a big plus point. If you don’t get much time for the upkeep of your denims, this type will be most suitable for you.

    Both types of denim material has their pros and cons. The final choice comes down to your requirements, your lifestyle and your fashion statement. I really don’t think you can go very wrong with having both types off denim in your wardrobe. You can use the soft denims as your everyday look and the hard denims can be function as your dressy look. Either way, a modern fashionistas can never have too many jeans!

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