New Year, New Me... Maybe?

It's that time of year again! The time of year where we make new year's resolutions, don't stick to them and then hate ourselves for failing, yet again! 

My gym membership from last year went to waste and I'm pretty sure this coming years membership will be the same! 

Whether you decide to lose weight, start that book or simply focus more on yourself these things tend to be short lived. Your gym membership runs out, that book sits in the corner collecting dust and you forget to focus on yourself and end up running after everyone but yourself - as usual! Setting new year's resolutions can also give us a great opportunity to overcome struggles and better ourselves! 

So, why do we make New Year's Resolutions? The new year feels like a fresh and new start, so we like to make a change! Many of us make very big resolutions where we tend to bite off a little more than we can chew! 

The new year's resolution is the yearly version of 'diet starts Monday' and we all know how well that turns out for us! 

In January we have great ideas, we buy the gym membership, the new gym gear and then we get to work! Feeling fit and fab in February as things are still quiet this time of year... Then March hits, there are a few nights out here and there and a few meals out! You start to skip a day here and there until thats it. Your resolution lasted 'til March!

With new year's resolutions we tend to go all in very quickly. We put everything into our resolution instead of weaning ourselves into it! For example if you decided to join the gym in august you would't go everyday to start off, you would start slow to get yourself used to it. But for some reason new years doesn't apply! We go all in resulting in 90% of people giving up their resolution before the spring! 

New year's resolutions are the same as any other goal, they need to be measurable to be achievable. New years resolutions tend to be very vague and therefore you end up overwhelmed and fed up! Be a little more specific with your goal, for example don't just say "I want to lose weight" narrow it down to "I would like to lose 3 stone before the end of June"

My advise for this year is simple...

Don't set any resolutions! Simple! If you want to do something, do it. You don't need an excuse like the new year to lose weight you can do it any time! Just set achievable goals with a time limit!

You don't need an excuse to better yourself or your life. You can make little changes throughout the year to achieve your goal. 

We have all been through a lot these past couple of years so for 2023 we should cut ourselves a little slack! 

Cheers to 2023! 

Team Style x 

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