Robell Alterations

*Currently available for all phone orders. Coming soon to our online store.

Style Boutique will soon be offering an additional alteration service were you can customise the length of your Robell trousers.

Style Boutique's alteration service creates the ideal trouser length for your Robell Trousers but with the same original finish - It won't look like they have been altered at all!

If you would like to avail of this service, read the points below for a better understanding;

  • Choosing our new Robell alteration service will not delay your items getting delivered to you. The alteration service will be done as soon as you order the item.
  • Your new Robell trousers will be left to the original finish.
  • If you purchase a pair of altered Robell trousers, you are unable to return this item as we can not resell.
  • The alteration service costs just £11 and means when your trousers arrive, they are ready to wear at the perfect length.
If you would like to learn more information about our new robell alteration service please feel free to call Alice our Style advisor and customers service manager on 075 1406 4329. Alternatively you can email us on