The well loved Robell brand caters to women in looking for trousers, jeans and other clothing that combine a flattering fit with a stylish design. However, with a huge array of styles available, we understand the challenge of discovering the ideal pair!


That's where Style Boutique comes in! We've curated a comprehensive Robell Buyer's Guide, explaining the most sought-after styles. Featuring beautiful colours, designs and trendy prints crafted from high-quality fabrics, Robell seamlessly complement all your favourite wardrobe choices for years to come.


Robell Marie


The Robell Marie trousers, our timeless classic style designed with a regular high-rise waist for a flattering silhouette. The Marie style boasts a classic straight leg, adorned with a small side split on the hem for a touch of elegance. These pull-up trousers feature a stretchy waistband and a pocket-free design, ensuring both comfort and a streamlined look.


Available in a variety of colours such as black, grey, navy and much more! Choose from full / regular length (31") or petite length (29")—ideal for any occasion.


For those warmer months, there is also the Robell Marie 07 Crop trousers. So this collection literally has a style for each season!


Who Would Love This: Women who appreciate classic styles with a flattering fit, seeking versatile trousers suitable for any occasion.