Dishing the Dirt on the Skirt

Last week, one story that hit the headlines was that of Nicola Thorp who was sent home from her temporary receptionist job at PwC because she wasn’t wearing high heels. Enforcing high heels (especially given all the adorable flats these days!) in the office is the height of workplace sexism and yet there is no denying that we women have always fought a hardy battle when it comes to clothing.

This brings us to the skirt…

With news in recent years that France finally overturned its archaic law forbidding women in Paris to wear trousers and South Korea’s human rights commission urged one of their largest airlines to abandon its policy of making female crew members wear skirts, you could be forgiven for thinking that the skirt’s days were numbered…

This couldn’t be further from the truth. The continued allure of the expressly feminine garment is unquestionable. Skirts and dresses were once the EXPECTED choice of attire for a woman but then from 1950’s onward, eschewing skirts were perhaps seen as a visible sign of women’s liberation? It is for this reason that the skirt is confusing and contradictory. On one hand, it is viewed as a sexy, feminine item of clothing, but on the other hand, it can also be frightfully conservative and traditional! (which is by no means a bad thing) This makes sense when we see its journey from the hips of a biddable woman to that of a liberated, unshackled modern woman who wears it because well, quite frankly…she feels all woman!

Ask yourself this: how easy is it to find a well cut, flattering pair of trousers that doesn’t cost the earth? Whilst we at Style Boutique N.I. try to provide trousers in various cuts to cater to women of all shapes and sizes, there is something about the skirt that is like a little sugar in our tea! Even a trouser loving gal knows she can just throw on a skirt and feel fabulous.

While our style of dress has certainly become more androgynous and perhaps even less feminine, we should never forget about our faithful friend: the skirt. But let’s not ‘skirt’ around the issue…what is the right skirt for you? There is no doubt that the pencil skirt in a sturdy, structured material can make us feel wonderful but if you aren’t partial to a hip hugging shape, take comfort in the pleated designs which seem to be the ‘skirt du jour’ not only this season, but this year. Team either of these skirt types with a crisp shirt, silky blouse or fine knit and you are sure to score a fashion goal! Wrap designs are a great seasonal variation and particularly kind to a curvaceous figure and depending on how leggy you are and what height of heel, you can opt for a knee skimming or mid-shin length. If your legs are your best asset, don’t shy away from the A-line mini (but not too mini) which is oh so 70s chic with tights and boots but also quirkily cute with some opulent flats. The midi skirt looks great on almost everyone but again, best with heels for the majority of us who are not blessed with model height.

Come into Style Boutique or visit us on to view our ever-changing collection of skirts for all occasions!

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