4 Key Items for Golfing Ladies this Summertime!

Golfing among us ladies has become a very popular sport.  It’s a brilliant way to keep fit and also has a brilliant social side to it. Us golfing ladies wouldn’t want to be wearing any old thing…it needs to be stylish but practical for the Summer Sun. 

We have gathered a list of what we think that every golfer should keep in mind for the Summer season fast approaching to keep themselves on for a Birdie!

Sports Sunglasses:

So we want the stylish ones, buts it’s important that no matter what brand we are buying be it Guess, Armani or Ray-Ban, hit a hole-in-one with a pair that they suit your face and has a high protection factor.

Sun Cream:

Sun Cream might not be stylish but neither is a burnt face! Even if the sun isn’t shining, we can easily get burnt with the wind, it's very important to get the factor 50 on board and keep our skin and our swing beaming! 

Comfortable Shoes:

You can’t land in any old shoes to golf in.  They have to be a flat shoe with no laces and most of them now have turn button, to go right or left - so be sure to keep up with the trends and stay on Par this Summer.


You wouldn’t be able to come in jeans or trousers to golf in - you need something that is flexible to flow with you as you swing or take a walk down the fairway.  Shorts are the perfect option!  But make sure come to the knee. We love the Robell Bella shorts or the new Robell Lexi crop trouser - they both have the perfect length and have pockets for tees or markers, with the glove going into the back pocket when you're catching a quick drink while your opponents hit the sand bunker!

One more thing…always keep in mind to stay hydrated on the golf course!  Remind the caddy to keep the wine well stocked in the back to keep that Sun stroke at bay.

Happy Golfing!