August Newsletter

'August is the Sunday of Summer' the perfect month for relaxing, preparing for back to school and recovering from the summer! 


We here at Style have been doing anything but relax... well some of us have had a holiday here and there... but we have been busy as usual!


Kates Jiving Holiday


This month Kate took a trip away to Spain for a jiving holiday! Getting away is so important and Kate had a wonderful time! Such a beautiful hotel with friendly staff and great food! This holiday was different from Kates usual trips away because this was a solo holiday. Traveling on your own can be extremely difficult but it was definitely worth it. Kate met some amazing people who will now be lifelong friends. Not many people are capable of traveling on their own however it is so beneficial and great for your mind, sole and spirit!  


Now, you can’t have a jiving holiday without some great music and a good bit of dancing! and there was plenty of that!


We are glad to say that Kate had such a wonderful time! Plenty of great music, food and amazing people!  



 McDonnell Day Out

There was also a Big 40th Birthday Celebration in the family this past month too!  And the McDonnell’s really let loose!! There was a party bus to Letterkenny! Plenty of music, plenty of dancing and plenty to drink!


When working for a family business things soon become business focused and you can lose sight of what’s important! So getting together for a bit of fun really helps to blow off some steam!


The best part of a family get together is always the COUSINS! Your cousins are your first best friends and as you get older you shouldn’t forget that! Make time for your family because at the end of the day they are the ones who are always there.


On a lighter note, everyone survived even though it was touch and go for a while after several bottles of prosecco.




Alice's Trip To Amber Springs  


Speaking of Family, Alice, Tiernan and the girls all headed away to Amber Springs for a few days! They had a fantastic time! Especially the girls! Amber Springs is fantastic for young children as there is so much for them to do!


Amber Springs is located in Gorey, Co Wexford and has so much to offer for family fun. There is go-Karting, mini golf, and the fantastic play zone! There is never a dull moment in Amber Springs!  Amber springs is the perfect family friendly holiday! Take a look at our Instagram video to see how Alice and her family got on in Amber Springs!  Click here to take a look! 



Style's Summer Sale


This year you might have noticed that our summer sale was a little later than usual! Everything this year has been a little later than usual and we have Covid and Brexit to thank for all that I am sure!


Our Summer Sale started on the 27th of July and has been a HUGE hit! The Spring/Summer 2022 stock has been reduced by 25% AND there are some items as low as 50%! It’s not often you get such HUGE brands discounted this much! And we are pleased to say that you guys loved it!


The good thing about discounting the summer stock in July is that there is still PLENTY of good weather expected throughout August and September. Some of you even have Autumn holidays planned, so a sale is the perfect time to get your holiday wardrobe sorted! Have a cruse? Why not get 25% off some long Marc Angelo Dresses? A trip to Tuscany? Pixie Daisy dresses are perfect for it! There is so much to offer in the Style Summer Sale! We are constantly showing off what we have in store and online all over our socials so make sure to keep following to keep up to date with our day to day activities, products and offers!


The Summer Sale is also a fantastic excuse to get 25% off some beautiful Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom outfits! We have so much to offer; be it a light and floaty spring dress for a wedding next year or even darker transitional pieces for weddings in the next few months! We have you sorted! Call in and one of our staff members will be more than happy to assist and get you your 25% off! Click Here to shop our Summer Sale



Pop Up Sale Shop 


We thought alongside the Style Summer Sale would be a great opportunity to launch the pop up sale shop!


Our sale shop is open for a limited time only and EVERYTHING MUST GO! We have trousers, tops, dresses, jackets all as low as £10! To launch this sale shop right we needed to call back one of our previous members of staff, Terry! We are so happy to be welcoming Terry back! She is an absolute ball of sunshine and we are so glad to have her in our sale shop!


Getting the sale shop open was definitely a drama but here in Style Boutique we thrive under pressure! Some of you may have seen us running up and down Omagh town with stock from the old location to the new location! It was hectic to say the least BUT it was a fantastic way to get your steps up! And it all worked out better than we could have hoped! Get down to the sale shop and see if you can get a bargain!



We hope the next coming months are just as eventful!