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It’s no laughing matter when your ‘New Year’s Resolution’ was to get fit and healthy and it’s now the end of January and you’ve made absolutely zero headway on it…

Well we have compiled a list of our top tips to get you moving be it only a walk up and down your street!


  1. Wake up Early!

Start with 10 minutes earlier to get a short walk in; then 20; then 30 and soon enough you’ll be up every morning getting your morning walk done and dusted before you start your day!  Getting the fresh air on board as soon as you wake up will help you kick start your day and blow off them early bird cobwebs!


  1. Find a walking buddy

Be it your neighbour; your daughter or son; or your partner get - someone on board!  It’s always more fun with someone else and if you made a commitment to them to do it then you’ll be more inclined to go for your walk than find an excuse to stay in and watch the soaps!


  1. Keep the Immune System Strong

Getting out there into the cold air with your woollies on will keep your immune system strong and able to tackle it compared to if you stay indoors by the fire all evening!  Letting your body experience the cold will allow it to adjust quicker the more often it is exposed to it and ironically keep the cold’s and flus at bay!


  1. It’s Nearly running season!

Maybe one of your goals was to complete a 5km race, or 10km or even a half marathon!  The best way to complete this is to get out there and get your steps up even if it is only starting with a walk!  You can gradually add jogging into it the more you get going and soon it will be a ritual and who knows you could be completely that 10km race in 2018 after all – remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day!


  1. A quick cuppa!

Going for a walk in the cold Winter weather these days is just one more reason to go back in and have a lovely cuppa by the fire afterwards to reward yourself!


Get Walking!


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