Our Top 4 Items not to Miss Out on in the Sales

Sales are everywhere!  It can be incredibly difficult to decipher whether you’re getting a bargain steal or a sad impulse buy that won’t ever see the light of day…

Never fear, for we’ve put together a list of our 4 All Time Bargain Buys that you can’t go wrong with no matter if it’s from 2008 or 2018!


  1. Knitwear

Knitwear is a shining beam of light in every woman’s life.  Nice day but still a bit nippy for the T-Shirt…Jumper it is.  Freezing cold with a snow blizzard – Get the turtle neck out.  Winter Sale is the perfect time to get yourself stocked up on the goods when it comes to knitwear.  Be it your small business Boutique’s or Large Chain Retail stores they are all slashing the price on this Season’s goods to make way for the light tops and shirts of the Summer, meaning you get bargains.  Let’s be real, it’s Winter time approximately 9 months of the Year here – so get yourself online or instore and get stocked up.


  1. Scarves

Give.  Me.  Them.  All. 

Scarves are my favourite accessory of all time.  You simply can’t go wrong.  Keep the heat in and the cold out with a big blanket scarf in the Winter months whilst sporting a thin light weight scarf draped over the shoulders for the Summer Months to give your look the extra edge (see what I mean, they’re perfect for every situation!).  Winter is the perfect time to purchase as not only do they have the latest season scarves dropped in there at all time low prices they have style steals that you can wear transitioning from Winter to Spring.  By this I mean lighter weight scarves for when the temperature might come out of the minuses.  Don’t over look the scarf, they look after you!


  1. Coats

Coats give me all the feels - be it a big puffer coat; a long draper coat; a short zip up; or a fluffy faux fur coat - now is the time to get your hands on them.  One thing that never goes out of style in your Winter Coat.  Every year, if you can trust in nothing else – trust in the coat.  They have got your back…literally.  Not only are there serious steals in the sales for Coats but they’re the latest in the Season, for all stores want to make room for their SS18 collections coming through, so be sure you’ll find some slashing prices on your new favourite coat with the all inclusive details. 


  1. Boots
Let’s not mess about here…a woman in a good boot is a woman not to be touched.  Small heel; big heel; block heel; skinny heel…Send them my way.  Never going out of style they will support you where nothing else will!  The perfect addition to your wardrobe, be it you don’t dare go near the sale rails the boots are there for you to browse at - just staring at you waiting for your love.  Buckle up or zip up with style steals in your new boots and be sure they were made for walking when you saved a ton on them too!

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