How to change an outfit with out too much expense?

How to change an outfit with out too much expense?

With our lives rolled out on social media these days, it’s getting increasingly difficult to really get the wear out of an outfit. We probably shouldn’t feel like we have to compete like this or that there is anything wrong with wearing occasion wear repeatedly. After all, thrifty Kate Middleton, doesn’t seem to have a problem with wearing the same outfit twice and there isn’t anyone more in the public eye than her!

Rather than wasting our lives searching for that all important outfit every single time we have an engagement to attend, just how can be style savvy and purse friendly?

If you have ever watched the fashion stylist, Gok Wan on TV, his favourite phrase is, ‘Visit your local haberdashery shop…’ Being creative with detail can save you so much money and pretty much reinvent your garment. You might remove a shop bought belt and add a chic Chanel type velvet band or add an embellished collar to a plain top. The options are endless for those of you who are willing to try!

If it’s an outfit for a wedding that you really don’t want to see wilting away at the back of your wardrobe, change the colour of the accessories or the type of accessories. It is astounding how this can change the look. You may have opted for nudes and neutrals on one occasion and now, depending on the season of course, you could opt for acid brights to inject a whole new life into an already worn dress or skirt. In winter, you may choose to wear a fur stole and tights with a dress that you’d previously worn without accessories during the summer. Be style savvy

The other option which doesn’t cost a lot if you are able to do styling yourself is to change your hair and make-up. Those of you with long or mid length hair have endless possibilities changing hair and make up can make a whole new look to the outfit. If you wore your hair down with the outfit last time, try a funky up-style with dramatic make-up.

Finally, start a trend and be known for your creative inventiveness. Why on earth should we feel bad about wearing outfits repeatedly? Who wants to follow the crowd anyway!

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