It's The Season For Staycations!

Staycation - The Most Used Word of the Summer. 


They are giving us a chance to explore, experience and appreciate what we have on our own doorstep. The weather might not always be guaranteed, but staycations have a lot going on for them!


2020 was the year that nobody got away, not even a staycation. But now in 2021, we are ready and all set for our staycation. This year we are not taking anything for granted, so no matter what part of the country we are in, we will be relaxing and enjoying our staycation.  


The Benefits of a Staycation...


It is easy to forget how beautiful our own country is when we are busy trying to explore everywhere else! Staycations allow us to see our own country through the eyes of a tourist. We can appreciate the beautiful scenery and luscious landscapes that we often ignore or forget about. 



If theres one thing we can take from the last year it is the importance of supporting each other.  The benefits of a staycation means you can support local businesses and help the local economy.  Staycations give us an opportunity to find our new favourite cafe's, restaurants and bars!



I think we can all agree that even the strongest of relationships can be tested within the walls of an airport! With staycations the stress of the airport car park -gone. The stress of over-weight luggage - gone. The stress of passports, check-in, security and duty free - gone. And thats only on the way there, you do it all over again on the way back.



No airport restrictions mean you can bring home comforts with you on your staycation. Do you hate having to leave your favourite pillow at home? Your  dressing gown? Not a problem when your going on a staycation! Just as long as you remember to take it home! Never mind pillows and dressing gowns - one big benefit of staycations is you can bring your four legged friend along too! Many Air BnB's allow pets, so not only are you enjoying a holiday but so is your pet!



Another benefit of staycations is the option of short or long breaks, from 2 night stays up to 7 or 10 days, you can take as long as you need.  



If you’re a bit of a Monica and like to make sure you make the most of each day of your trip, you still have the opportunity to make a plan and set an itinerary for your staycation. Thanks to all the information available online you can now plan everything to the last minute. Trip Advisor also offers great advice on excursions. With majority of restaurants also having menus online you now know what you want to eat before even getting there!


What to Wear

One of the main problems with staycations is what to pack. The weather is so changeable so you have to pack for 4 seasons. Three items we would always advise for a staycation:


1. Raincoat

So we can't plan for the sun, so a raincoat is always a good bet. Check out our selection of raincoats, stylish light and practical.

This Barbara Lebek Navy Raincoat is a great option. It is made with a navy water-resistant material, which is offset by stylish white and navy striped detailing in the lining of the hood and piping on either side of the two zip-up pockets.

This coat features a zip and button-up front, two pockets, a hood and badge detailing on one of the long sleeves.


Barbara Lebek Navy Raincoat


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2. Robell Bella Trousers

Robell Bella will never let you down. The Bella 7/8 are perfect summer trouser. The length is dressy to wear if your heading for dinner but still causal if you want to go for a walk and such a wide selection in colours. Check out our wide range, including some of the options below...


Robell Trousers


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3. Kate and Pippa Dresses

These summer dresses are perfect for staycation. No iron needed - these dresses can be rolled in a bag and come out looking perfect. Trainers or heels, these styles work casual or dressy. We have a wide section of colours and styles... So much choice in the perfect dress. 

The below baby blue and pink flower printed boho style dress features a lovely v-neck, short, ruffled sleeves, a tied waistline, dropped hem and maxi skirt. 


Kate & Pippa Dress


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Wherever you need to be this summer, take the time to chill and enjoy with your family because that's what it's all about - making memories!


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