June Newsletter

 June is the gateway to summer and here at Style Boutique NI we are undoubtedly summer ready! 

The summer months are flying in so we need to make the most of them while we can.

The Sale 

To start summer off the right way we gave our email subscribers an exclusive 25% off before our summer sale went live! This gives our amazing subscribers a chance to get their size before they are gone! See, it pays to be a subscriber. So if you have not already signed up, make sure you do so. Sign up now! 

This season we have been so lucky to have some amazing brands and garments! So, I thought I'd show you a few top picks!  

Starting off strong with our favourite top, the Bianca Blue Paisley & Floral Print Top

The Bianca Blue Paisley & Floral Print Top is Style Boutique's top pick in the summer 25% off sale, thanks to its blend of vibrant paisley and floral patterns that capture the essence of summer chic. Originally priced at £84.99, it's now available for £63.74, offering a stylish yet affordable addition to any wardrobe. The top's lightweight fabric and flattering cut make it perfect for staying cool and fashionable during warm days, ensuring it stands out as a must-have item this season. 


Next we have the top trouser of the 25% off summer sale! Now, As you know Robell is excluded from the sale! But that doesn't mean we don't have a huge selection of trousers available! However, the trousers that are included are gorgeous and we have chosen the most beautiful pair for you today! The Toni Be Loved 3/4 Length Trousers with Elasticated Waist are Style Boutique's top pick for the summer sale, thanks to their perfect blend of comfort and style. Available in chic Sand and vibrant Coral, these trousers are a versatile addition to any summer wardrobe. Originally priced at £109.95, they're now a steal at £82.46. The elasticated waist ensures a comfortable fit, while the 3/4 length design keeps you cool and stylish on hot summer days, making them an essential piece for effortless summer fashion. 


 The Coco Doll Black & Cream V Neck Dress with Belt is Style Boutique's top pick for a wedding guest dress in the 25% off sale, thanks to its sophisticated design and flattering silhouette. The timeless black and cream color palette exudes elegance, while the V-neck and belted waist create a tailored, feminine look perfect for such a special occasion. Originally priced at £214.95, it’s now available for £161.21, making it an affordable luxury. The dress's classic style and quality fabric ensure you’ll look and feel your best, making it an ideal choice for celebrating love and joy in style


The Couture Club Magenta Pink Dress with Puffed Shoulders and Tail at Back is our standout favourite of the 25% summer sale. Originally priced at £499.95, now available for £374.96, this dress embodies both sophistication and bold style. The striking magenta hue, combined with the dramatic puffed shoulders and an elegant tail, creates a stunning silhouette perfect for any special occasion. This unique piece effortlessly merges contemporary design with timeless glamour, making it a must-have addition to any fashion-forward wardrobe.


The Upgrade! 

As Style Boutique NI continues to expand, so does our dedicated workforce! This exciting growth means we need a bit more space in our office to accommodate everyone comfortably. We decided to refresh our surroundings with a gorgeous mint green for the walls, packed up our desks, and moved to a new room right next door! While we didn’t move far, it was certainly a big change for the team, bringing a fresh, invigorating atmosphere to our daily routine.

In addition to our office revamp, we've also given our photoshoot room a stunning makeover. The newly painted space will make our images on the website even bolder and more vibrant. We're thrilled with the transformation and hope that you will love the new look as much as we do. This renovation is just one of the many ways we're enhancing our environment to reflect the dynamic, creative spirit of Style Boutique NI.



Our Big Collaboration!  

This month at Style Boutique, we had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with the dynamic influencer Morag! With nearly 1 million Instagram followers, Morag is renowned for her fun and engaging content that resonates with a wide audience. Throughout our partnership, she showcased some of our most popular fashion brands, bringing her unique style and vibrant personality to each piece. We are thrilled to see our collections come to life through her creative lens and reach a broader audience through her influential platform. 

Morag transitioned from the basic white Robell's to the show stopping Couture Club gown! We couldn't take our eyes off her! 

Morag started off in a gorgeous pair of white Robell trousers and a Rabe Top! This Casual and Chic outfit is perfect for days out shopping or trips to the beach!  

Moving on to brighter and bolder this next look is show stopping! Morag was able to turn heads with the Joseph Ribkoff Black Palazzo Style Trousers, featuring an elegant sheer overlay that adds a touch of ethereal sophistication to your look. Paired with the vibrant Joseph Ribkoff Multicolour Graffiti Print Blazer, this ensemble perfectly balances classic elegance with modern edge. The blazer's bold, artistic pattern injects a burst of colour and creativity, making this outfit a true showstopper for any event.

 And Finally, Race day ready with Couture Club!

The reaction for Morag's reel was amazing! And we were so pleased to have had the opportunity to collaborate with here! 

 P.S have you seen that we are giving you an EXTRA 10% OFF Sale Stock for the next seven days?! From Friday the 28th to Friday the 5th! use code PAYDAY10 and check out! 

June has been a whirl wind and we are looking forward to the summer sun that July promises! We need more sun dresses to prep for the coming weeks! 
We hope you had a fabulous June! 
Team Style X