March Newsletter

March is the month of expectation. ~ Emily Dickinson


This month all is in bloom; while daffodils sprout and lambs are born style is busier than ever! 


AW2023 Buying has Finally Ended

With running several shops and a having a huge online presence it is vital that we keep on the ball with our stock! So, the Autumn/Winter 2023 buying has been going on for a few months now! Kate and Alice had their final trip of the season this month and it was to Fashion City in Dublin! The perfect spot to meet with some familiar vendors and some exciting new ones! We are expecting boxes in the post very soon! 


Now Kate and Alice were only supposed to be buying for Autumn/Winter 2023... However, while they are away we received a few boxes for this season that we weren't expecting.



The Sale Went to 60% Off

We needed to make room for all our new Spring/Summer arrivals and the best way to do that is to discount the Autumn/Winter stock. So, we upped our sale! For a very short time our Autumn/Winter 2022 stock was better than half price! We have never had a sale like it! The office had a constant buzz and the phones didn't stop. The phones rang that often we could hear them in our heads when we got home! It's also alarming to note how many businesses around the town have the same ring tone as the Style Boutique office! 


New Sign in Omagh! 

We have had the same sign in the Omagh since January 1996! So, we needed a little facelift for the Omagh store front! Now, maybe we are bias but the new sign is perfect and reflects a new era at style boutique! The brand is growing at a phenomenal rate and the new sign is a fitting update for the store! 




International Woman's Day!

Style Boutique is a brand that was started by one strong woman and with all the downfalls and potholes women are familiar with it is vital that we celebrate women! Especially those who are an inspiration to us! We have to teach our daughters, sisters and friends how important it is for women to support women as the world tears us down enough so we shouldn't be doing it to each other! 


So not only did we give our amazing followers a chance to win a £100 voucher but we gave them a chance to uplift some of their amazing sisters! We had an amazing response to this and we really and truly enjoyed hearing all about who inspires them! 


Visit from Denise Curran 

We had a very special visit from one of our favourite influencers, Denise Curran! 


Denise took a shining to one of our amazing staff members from Cookstown, Heather. Heather was utterly star struck as Denise is one of her favourite influencers, and the two got on like a house on fire! Denise had her camera out to show her following all things new with Style Boutique! Denise had Heather in front of the camera as Heather knew the in's and out's of all the stock in the Cookstown store! 




Plenty of Birthday Celebrations

Lucie turned two! Alice's second born, Lucie turned two this past month and there was plenty of celebrating to be had! For being a McAleer, Lucie is a true McDonnell as she LOVED celebrating and had, not one but, TWO parties! A princes party and a pizza party! 



Not only did Lucie celebrate all month but Kate did too! Your birthday week should be full of family, friends, dinners and drinks! With a family dinner at Francos and a night at the boat house in Killybegs Kate was well and truly spoiled! Rightly so! With all the hard work Kate has done over the years it was good for her to take a few nights off and just enjoy herself! And naturally she wore a stunning Tia Dress! One of our favourites!  


The days may feel long but the weeks are short and life is short too! So, celebrate every little step. Celebrate every birthday and celebrate the people around you!