March Newsletter


“March, when days are getting long,
Let thy growing hours be strong to set right some wintry wrong.”
― Caroline May


In the month of March, nature undergoes a captivating transformation as the embrace of spring begins to unfurl. As winter's chill gradually recedes, March signals the arrival of renewal and rebirth. The air becomes infused with a sense of anticipation, carrying the sweet fragrance of blossoms blooming anew. Delicate petals unfurl from their buds, painting landscapes with vibrant hues of pink, lavender, and yellow. March embodies the essence of transition, a bridge between the starkness of winter and the verdant abundance of summer. Alongside the awakening of flora, fashion undergoes its own metamorphosis. Spring's arrival ignites a flurry of excitement in the world of style, with wardrobes transitioning from heavy layers to lighter, breezier ensembles. Pastel palettes and floral motifs dominate the fashion scene, mirroring the blossoming surroundings. Flowy dresses adorned with botanical prints, lightweight scarves, and denim jackets become staple pieces. Accessories such as straw hats and woven bags make their triumphant return, adding a touch of whimsy to springtime attire. March not only marks the inception of a new season but also serves as a canvas for expressing one's sartorial creativity amidst nature's vibrant spectacle. 

Hello Spring Stock, Goodbye Winter Stock!

We are so excited about our Spring/Summer Stock! We are taking a deep breath of spring air and are so excited about what the next coming months have to offer! As usual we have had boxes and boxes of new stock in!  

But, to make room for all the new stock we had to sell, sell, sell! And we have been busy! the parcels have been flying out just as swiftly as the boxes have been pouring in, a testament to our dedication to bringing you the latest in fashion. Our busiest day was the Tuesday after St Patricks day! The Girls in the Office had to help the DPD Driver take over 15 backs of stock out to his van!

Birthday Season this March

 March has been eventful to say the least! March holds a host of Birthdays for Style Boutique! Megan, Caroline, Lucy and of course Kate! Megan and Caroline Celebrated with a cake in store with all their work family! 

Lucy had a big birthday party and to celebrate Kates Birthday Alice and the Family took her to the Killyhevlin Spa and Hotel in Enniskillen. Much like Style, Killyhevlin boasts a tradition of familial hospitality, and their meticulous attention to detail left Kate feeling utterly pampered by her nearest and dearest!

St Patricks Day Fun! 

March was the season of Green! We all truly Celebrated St Patricks day this year! From the Omagh Parade to CBBC Land in Manchester the Style Girls really went far this St Patricks Day! Alice and the family headed away and were all decked out in Green! Although we could argue that Tiernana's Top is Teal... which is more BLUE than green! But what do you think?  

To Celebrate Alice gave 'Splitting the G' A go. The 'split the G' challenge tests how well you can drink so that the drink sits at a certain spot in the glass. Essentially, your first gulp of Guinness should leave the drink level hallway through the G in the Guinness logo! Alice took a really good stab at it! Check it out here 

Little Mistress 

Speaking of the season of Green... We are so excited to announce that we at style boutique now stock Vogue Williams' amazing brand, 'Little Mistress.' The Stunning Dress Alice wears in our News letter video is one of our new ones! We are thrilled about this new brand! Little Mistress holds a host of new dressed waiting to be discovered! With luxurious material at an affordable price these garments are perfect for the style savvy! 

 The Final Buying Trip

After a long few weeks buying for next Autumn/Winter we are done! We have picked some amazing new mother of the bride garments for next season and some phenomenal casuals! Make sure to keep an eye out next season! 

This buying trip Alice and Kate took the youngest member of the Style family with them! Naomh will soon be a fashionista and at style they really do start young! 

Thats All form us this Month! Lets hope April is as eventful as March! 

Love Team Style X 



Alice Presenting the News Letter this Month!  

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