Robell Marie Full Length Trouser Review!


How would you best describe the Robell Marie?

I would describe them as a Flattering super comfortable smart and stylish trouser. They are a pull-on trouser with no buttons or zips.   An easy trouser to wear that you can dress up or down. They have an elastic waist and an embedded lycra within the fabric for an ease of movement.

What type of fit are they?

A clever seam and a flat elasticated waist band allows these trousers to accentuate your shape.  With a slim fit and added detail with splits at either side of the ankle they are the perfect addition to any look you want to create.

 Do you need to go down a size?

Yes go down a size in the Robell Marie. It’s important that you don’t buy the Marie trouser too big or it will go baggy, as the material is lycra, there is more of a stretch in them. You want to feel comfortable in the trousers but make sure they don’t have excess material.

What colours does it come in?

We have a huge selection of colours in our Marie collection - the basics that work all year round:

Black, Navy and Brown.

We also have so many shades of Blue: Royal, French Navy, Air Force Blue, and light denim blue.

We have all our beige shades that work well with winter knits: Beige, Stone, Mink  and taupe.

Not forgetting Grey is a colour that works with so many colours we have: Dark, Sliver, Pearl and Ferguson grey. 

The Marie also features a range of pink & red’s as well for you to express your inner fun!

 What length do they come in?

The Marie full length measure up at 31”. Sometimes it can get confusing why the Robell Marie are so long as 31” as it is not a standard length in the UK, but the Robell brand in Germany is 31” as people in Germany are taller than people in the UK as an average.  Not only this but the marie range comes in a petite length also, that measures up at 29”. Both ranges can be explored in full through our website!

 How do you wash Robell Marie?

Wash your Robell Marie trousers on  a delicate and short spin, they dry very quickly and only need light ironing.

 What is the downside?

I do like having a back pocket and the Marie has no back pocket on them.

 Where would I wear them?

I wear Marie all the time, I love the stretch at the waistband and the fact they are so comfortable. It doesn’t annoy me that there is no back pocket, I think if there was this would change the shape of the trouser. I have loads of trousers that have back pockets but aren’t as comfy as Marie.  I wear mine to work, and out for dinner and to be really honest, they are my go-to every day trouser!


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