Robell Marie Denim Review


How would you best describe the Robell Marie Denim?

The Denim that is used in the Robell Marie Denim is a super stretch soft denim. They are a pull-on denim jean which means no buttons or zips to deal with!  This allows for a super smooth silhouette. They have pockets and give the bum a great shape. They have a flattering ankle slit and sit natural on the waist.

 What type of fit are they?

These are a slim fit super stretch jean that comes up high on the waist. This jean works with your shapemaking sure your shape is accentuated and covers up any problem areas.

Do you need to go down a size?

Yes!  You’ll be happy to hear you should go down a size in the Robell Denim Marie. Since the jeans are a super stretch soft denim, you do need to go down a size.  The thing with jeans is that they will give a bit as well, so going down a size is always what we recommend.

What colours does it come in?

The Marie denim comes in three colours; black, navy and denim blue. The black and navy in this jean is dark and it keeps its colour unlike many jeans on the market these days, it doesn’t fade in the wash. The Blue Denim is a different material, it’s still the same soft denim as the black and navy but it does look more of a jean than the others.

What length do they come in?

The Marie full length Denim measure up at 31” in all three colours.

 How do you wash Robell Marie jeans?

Turn your Robell Marie Denim inside out, wash on a delicate and short spin, let them dry and no need to use the iron on these at all.

 What is the downside?

They only come in 31” - there is no petite option in the denim.

 Where would I wear them?

Yes!  I wear the navy in the Robell Marie Denim. I’m rather obsessed with navy jeans but when I started wearing these I would never go back, maybe it’s a bit lazy because I’m just too in love with the fact I have a pair of jeans that give me a good bum and are pull on, they make life super easy!