Sept Newsletter

"When you are reluctant to change, think of Autumn" - V V Brown

New Season Stock!

In Autumn the leaves turn a beautiful colour and we have so many fabulous autumnal colours in this seasons stock! So many deep shades of red, purple, blue and many many more. This seasons colour pallet has blown us away! Pairing the gorgeous colours with the amazing designs this season has really taken off! This season we have had all the brands we know and love so well! From new arrivals with Robell to new arrivals in Cassandra! The brands you know and love have really given us some show stoppers! My favorite Autumn/Winter casual of the season HAS to be the stunning Shackets from Marble! 

Not only have we had new arrivals from our regular brands but we have had some amazing new arrivals from some new brands! New Brands like Girl in Mind, Hope & Ivy, PC Collection and so many more! 

Our new favorite dress from all these new arrivals is the Olimara Forest Green V Neck Dress With Feather Trim & Diamante Buckle! This beyond stunning Forest Green dress is sure to turn plenty of heads! It also comes in a beautiful Magenta pink too! The perfect transitional shades! 


This past month has been so busy with all things new and we have loved every second!  


Sale Sale Sale

To make room for all the amazing new stock we had to sell all of last seasons stock and the best way to do that is to have a MASSIVE SALE! 50% off all Spring Summer stock is a great idea until you have to pack it and post it! The office was buzzing and we were busier than ever! Not only did we give everyone 50% off spring summer stock we gave our fabulous customers 20% off their favorite trousers... Robell! For one Weekend only we gave you 20% off Robell! This included Full length trousers, crops, shorts and even the amazing happy jackets! 

The Social Take Over 

 On the 31st of August I decided to jet off on my Honeymoon! I was gone for 10 days leaving the socials to Megan and Kayla! The girls did such a great job holding down the fort while I was away. I really enjoyed looking through the instagram and facebook stories while sipping my cocktail by the pool! The girls did such a good job I think ill take time off more often! 

In anticipation of taking some time off Kate, Elaine, Alice and Emma were worked to the bone with gathering content because we needed to make sure we had enough for the 10 days I was away! We got so many videos and photos to keep us going! Although it is hard work it truly is good fun and we hope you love our videos as much as we love making them! 

Before heading away I had to take a little trip into the sale shop and grab a few great deals! The summer dresses in the sale shop are amazing! I wore a new one every night!  


 Back to School

September is back to school season and the town has had such a buzz about it! There isn't a parking space left after 8.30 so we have all been early on the ball and in the office nice and early! With all the kids back to school it was time to check out the school run fashion! From slick trousers to fabulous jeans the school walk runway has never looked so good! Make sure to check out our latest blog where Alice chats about her top picks! Take a look here 

 These jeans are the talk of the shop! We love them and they pair perfect with any top, jacket or coat! 


Mother of the Groom 

  Kate is still on the hunt for the perfect mother of the groom outfit for Daniels Wedding! The day is getting closer and closer and time is running out but the perfect outfit cant be rushed! With the wedding day getting closer Daniel and a few of his close friends headed off on his stag party. All information on said stag will not be disclosed. Choosing the perfect mother of the groom outfit is an important decision, as it should complement the overall wedding theme and make you feel comfortable and confident.

First and foremost, consider the wedding theme and colour scheme. You'll want to choose a dress or outfit that complements the overall aesthetic of the wedding. Check with the bride and groom to ensure your choice aligns with their vision.

Take into account the season in which the wedding is taking place. Lighter fabrics and colours are generally more suitable for spring and summer, while darker hues and heavier materials work well for fall and winter weddings. As Daniel is getting married in the Autumn / Winter months Kate will be looking for something that suits the season. 



Thats pretty much all that has been happening in September! We are getting ready for the Autumn. 


Happy September! 
Team Style! X