September Newsletter

“We know that in September, we will wander through the warm winds of summer’s wreckage. We will welcome summer’s ghost.” – Henry Rollins
Summer has come to an end and what a summer it has been. Each month Style keep getting busier. September is no exception. 

50% OFF

People LOVE a sale and you guys were no exception. The 25% sale soon developed into a big 50% off sale where all our Spring/Summer 2022 stock was cut in price by HALF. A sale is the perfect time to gather your bits and bobs for your next summer holiday! 
We were so busy in stores and online! Packing up all your orders really got our steps up as the office team were running around Monday through to Saturday making sure everyone got their bargains!
The 50% off sale included tops, dresses, activewear - you name it, it was discounted! I’m going to show you a few of my favourites in the sale! Starting off with this stunning Betty Barclay Round Neck Coral & Navy Top. This luxurious round neck coral top is a perfect addition to your wardrobe. This bold and beautiful top was down to £27.50! This top would be perfect with your regular blue jeans or even dressed up with your favourite trousers! 
Betty Barclay Round Neck Coral & Navy Print Top 
So I have picked out my fav top, but how do I pick a favourite sale dress?? I can’t!
So, I picked two.
One dress is a little more neutral and the other a bolder more colourful print! The Tia dress features a gorgeous black and stone animal print design and it was down to £89.98! A steal!
Tia Stone & Black Print Round Neck A-Line Dress 
The gorgeous Zibi London dress was even cheaper, ringing in at £27.48. With its beautiful floral print it is a perfect dress for a wedding! And so many of our wonderful customers were buying it for a wedding!
Zibi London Eva Maxi Floral Print Dress

Out with the Old, In with The New

With the Spring/Summer 2022 stock all selling fast at 50% and the weather getting cooler,  we needed our Autumn/Winter new Arrivals. The boxes are arriving thick and fast and we cant get them opened fast enough. A lot of ladies have been super quick and sizes are already gone in some items. Check out our full range of New Arrivals For AW2022

Spring/Summer 2023 Buying 

How are we even talking about Spring Summer 2023... but that's the way this business rolls. Alice and Kate have been so busy with buying for the Spring/Summer 2023 season! There have been trips all around! Kate jetted off to Harrogate to take a look at what they had to offer, and it was a successful trip! This is a great time to chat and get caught up with boutique owners over all of the UK. A vino or two might have been consumed...
Buying is a stressful but enjoyable part of the job. We love finding new brands and we want to make sure we are bringing our customers something new every season It's very easy to get carried away which Kate does 99.9% of the time.

Viral TikTok 

As some of you might have seen we recently hit over one and a half million views on one of our TikTok Videos and we just want to take this opportunity to thank all our loyal customers and subscribers! We have had so much fun working on this new platform and we suggest you all get on it and give us a follow! Keep an eye out for more videos where we are just having a laugh, enjoying ourselves and showcasing some amazing products while we are at it! 
Make sure to click the link to have a look at some of our TikTok Videos! You are guaranteed a laugh!  >Click here<

Goodbye and Goodluck Eilish! 

This month we also had to say goodbye to a treasured member of staff, Eilish. Eilish has been working in our office and truly revolutionised the place! The stock of Robell trousers have never been so organised! Sorry to say Eilish that it’s only a matter of weeks before its unorganised again!


Eilish is heading away to do her teaching degree and she will make a wonderful teacher! No one is as organised as she is. 


Eilish did so much more than just organise the place so we are unsure of how things will get done without her. Although we are sad she won’t be here every day we are so lucky she’ll be back during her holidays to help whip things back into shape after her absence.

Good Luck Eilish!



And last but not least, we are all very excited about Daniels recent engagement! This Month Daniel got down on one knee (it has yet to be confirmed if he did actually get down on one knee. But we like to think that he did!) Daniel and his partner Leanne are now in full Wedding mode and we couldn’t be more thrilled for them! Kate is now on the hunt for the perfect Mother of the Groom outfit and the staff are dusting off their hats ready for the party of the century!


We truly are so pleased for Daniel and Leanne and wish them, and Sophie, all the best!