Style Boutique's Story


Style Boutique has been on the go for 40 years with three busy shops...Omagh, Enniskillen and Cookstown. Kathleen started her career with a very small business and has continued to build it from the ground up, with the help of her family and very dedicated staff.


Some of the Style Boutique staff have been here for over 25 years and the very loyal customers have been shopping with us for over 40 years. What an achievement! One thing's for sure...the style has certainly changed over the last few decades!


Kathleen did well convincing both her children Daniel and Alice to join the family business. Sometimes working very closely with family members can be challenging. Through all the life challenges and family tiffs 🙈 the Style family have stuck together and made it the successful business it is today.


With 3 fabulous shops, a great online presence through styleboutiqueni and our nifty Stitch ‘n Style alteration shop...Style Boutique have it all.


It’s great to look back at photos, reminisce about old times and be grateful for all the memories we've made here.
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