The Do's and Don'ts of the Christmas Party

Christmas is traditionally referred to as peaceful, where we relax and enjoy the fresh fall of snow. However, the Christmas Work party is the opposite! We've all seen that episode of the office where someone drinks a little too much and ends up photocopying certain body parts. Or that movie with Jennifer Aniston where the Christmas tree ends up on fire! 

The Christmas party is such a wonderful excuse to get everyone together and let your hair down. However, there are a few things that are good to keep in mind for your Christmas Party! 


Let start With the Do's

First of all - Look FABULOUS! With a huge wardrobe here at Style we have plenty of options to help us look fabulous! We have; sequin tops and dresses, shimmer jump suits and some stunning blazers and jackets! Add a pop of shimmer eye shadow too for a little extra sparkle! 

Next thing to keep in mind is to pace yourself! There is nothing like getting so drunk you can't remember what you said to your boss or co-workers. Make sure to line your stomach and keep hydrated because you don't want to be causing a scene in front of the people you have to see everyday. You don't want the fear before the Christmas holidays! (This step is most definitely easier said than done.)

Make sure to get involved too! Belt out those Christmas songs with your work bestie and have a cheeky wee cocktail or two! (Not too many: Refer to point one!) 

Another thing to remember is your lift home! At Christmas Taxies seem to double in price and are very hard to come by! So make sure to have one booked to take you home! Or you could end up ice cold in the middle of December thumbing a lift up the road. Not ideal. 

 Do wear waterproof mascara... I'm pretty sure this one doesn't need too much explaining!  


Next up, the Don'ts 

Make sure not to get too serious. Don't be that buzz kill that is taking everything everyone says to heart! It's the Christmas Party, it's just a laugh! Everyone is out for a good night! Also, try not to talk about work too much! You are out of office right now, work can wait! You are out to eat drink and be merry! 

Please Don't go looking for mistletoe either! You have to see all your co-workers on Monday so plating a big lipstick mark on the person sitting next to you isn't a good idea. 

There aren't too many Don'ts all that matters is that you enjoy yourself and celebrate all the hard work put in throughout the past year! 


Get the Look! 

The next thing to think about is your outfit. Now, we are all sorted so, we are here to help you sort yours! 

Starting with all things SEQUINS! We have Sequin Dresses, Sequin Tops and Sequin Blazers! All ready for your Christmas night out! 

This flawless two tone tia dress is the perfect addition to your wardrobe and is sure to be the centre of attention this Christmas party season! - Get it here! 



Looking for a different shape? This Marc Angelo dress has all the glitz and glam you are looking for! Get it in Red, Cream or Black. This stunning Marc Angelo Dress is covered in small sequins that catch the light perfectly creating a stunning glittery look from head to toe! 



 Now for my personal favorite - The Kyla Sequin top and the Marc Angelo Sequin Blazer! This beautiful combination comes in Black and in Cream. One as stunning as the other! 



Moving away from sequins and on to Shimmer!  


Marc Angelo have one look as stunning as the next! The flawless shimmer jumpsuits are perfect for those who want to cover their legs but still look the part! In three stunning Christmassy colours this jumpsuit is the go to Christmas look! 



We know you have all been asking about theses stunning, shimmer FM tops! We have them is nearly every colour now! Perfect to pair with your leather trousers or even your jeans! The perfect amount of shimmer this season! 



And we have the Blazers to match! In three stunning colours this Blazer is the perfect layering item for your christmas night out! 


Shop Our new Party Wear Section 

Thats all the advise we have for you! Keep safe this Christmas party season and make sure to have a good time! 


Team Style X 



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