Weddings Are Back!

Do you remember when we used to hate to see another wedding invite come through the post? Now we are hoping we are in the couples top 50 so we can actually go to a wedding!


It's been a year of uncertainty for so many brides and groom. A wedding is stressful never mind trying to plan one during a pandemic, and even having to change the date last minute. I think now no matter what the restrictions are,  brides and grooms are going ahead with their big day, as it is hard to know when we will be back to normal - or even if this is the "new normal".


Finding the perfect Mother Of The Bride Outfit or Mother Of The Groom Outfit is normally an enjoyable experience. It's a day out for the girls in the house, a time to bond with the in-laws and at the end of the day there is always a nice lunch somewhere. This has not been the experience for Mother of The Brides or grooms in 2020/2021. Mother of Brides and Mother of Grooms have stepped outside their comfort zone and ventured online searching for online boutiques, Women's Boutiques and Ladies Boutiques. 


Wedding guests were already online shoppers pre lockdown, but are now more  worried incase the wedding doesn't go ahead or they don't make the cut. A wedding guest wont spend as much money on an outfit as mother of the bride/groom but they also want an outfit that makes them look and feel good. 


Online will give you give more selection, and instead of having to drive to different boutiques they are at the click of a button. A wedding guest could even get an outfit online days before the wedding! It's convenient and the choice is vast. If you don't mind returning an items, it's always safer to buy two sizes if you are in-between sizes. 


I still think Mother of The Bride and Mother of The Groom enjoy the personal service of a Ladies Boutique as well as getting the chance to try a selection of styles. No matter what you see online until you try the outfit on you won't know if the style suits you. Online is brilliant for giving you a feel for a Ladies Boutique but I think its hard to beat going into a shop and trying the outfit on, especially when its for such a big day! 


For the Brides and Grooms of 2020/2021 it's been a tough year but the future is bright, and the big day is on the horizon!


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