What Brexit Means For Fashion!

Anything regarding Brexit is not straight forward. There are many questions for both shoppers and retailers - but never one simple answer! I have researched this question, 'what Brexit means for fashion', but find that I am more confused than ever.


Online fashion stores are the way forward. Covid has had a dramatic impact, with online shopping now more popular than ever, having experienced a dramatic period of growth in 2020/21. Ladies online shopping used to be more popular with the younger demographic – but this has changed particularly in the past 2 years. Ladies’ young and old are shopping online and loving it! And here are the main reasons why:


  1. Convenience: Being able to shop 24/7 in your PJs in the comfort of your own home is the biggest perk. What’s more enjoyable than relaxing on your sofa with a cup of tea, iPad in hand, browsing your favourite online shops!
  2. Choice: Imagine trying to get to your favourite 2 or 3 ladies’ boutiques in one day. It’s simply not possible, especially during Covid times. From getting out of the house, to parking the car, to queuing to get into your favourite shop, then trying garments on and paying… By the time you’ve done all that for one store, you’re exhausted, and your day is nearly over! However, by browsing online, you can view as many items as you want, and compare garments without having to leave your home.
  3. Prices: Boutiques don’t price items up online. If anything, they want to remain competitive and try to come in at the lowest price.
  4. The Three No’s: No crowds, no queues, no pressure!


With online ladies’ boutiques rapidly growing, Brexit has complicated online buying and confused the customer. There are no clear facts on custom charges or wait times with online shopping.


My advice would be to ask these three questions when purchasing your fashion items near and far:


  • Are there customs charges?
  • Can I easily return items? Is there a fee?
  • Do we have to wait longer for our items?


However, the good news - there's no need to worry with Style Boutique NI. You can still place your orders and shop as normal.  Postage charges are standard, but there is NO CUSTOMS charges.


We don't know what will happen in the future, but our main aim is to always keep the customer informed with what's going on. Style Boutique’s online shopping experience is still the same and if you need a more personal service and advice, please give us a call on +44 (0) 28 8224 7808. We are always on hand, and always happy to help!


Love, Kate 




  • Catherine

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  • Carisa skehan

    I don’t know what I would do without been able to shop with Style Boutique. I live in the Isle of Man and ladies boutiques are non existent. This wasn’t always the case, but shopping trends have changed and I find shopping online a God send. Style Boutique suits me because there’s no customs and I can use sterling unlike trying to shop in the Republic of Ireland.

  • Elaine Little

    Thank you. I do hope there won’t be any major changes. My favourite online store.

  • Sheenagh Brown

    Great products .Great service.So glad I found you.Love the videos.xx

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