New Activewear from Lorna Jane to Get Your Heart Racing

Long-time shoppers at Style Boutique will know that we’re best known for our stylish and affordable wedding outfits, chic and casual Robell trousers and the wide variety of designer dress brands we offer. While we’ve become a destination for mother of the bride dresses, we’re not known for selling ladies’ activewear.

In 2022, that’s all changed. Activewear has been a popular trend for the best part of the decade; these stretchy and comfortable outfits aren’t only great for working out but are perfect for everyday wear. Who doesn’t want to feel comfy and look stylish at home or when running errands?

At Style Boutique, we never do anything in half-measures. We’re committed to only offering high-quality brands that our loyal customers will love. So, we spent a long time seeking out an activewear brand that ticked all of our boxes. That’s how we found Lorna Jane, a wonderful brand that impressed us both with its high levels of quality and gorgeous style.

Meet Lorna Jane


Lorna Jane


If you’ve not heard of Lorna Jane before, that’s because this fashion-forward brand is best known in Australia. This line has been a style staple in Brisbane since it was founded in the 90s by fitness instructor and fashion designer Lorna Jane Clarkson. When she couldn’t find any good-quality and colourful garments that were designed for women to work out in, Lorna Jane took matters into her own hands and began to sew her workout gear herself. While the LJ range has expanded over the years, it still stands by the same values. Lorna Jane is for women, by women, champions sustainability and encourages its wearers to move, nourish and believe in themselves every day.

Lorna Jane shows us why it’s important to invest in your activewear. At Style Boutique, we always try to find you the best quality products at the most affordable prices. While Lorna Jane’s activewear is more on the luxury side of budget-friendly, all their pieces are worth the investment. When you choose Lorna Jane, you choose quality. 

Activewear lovers and gym bunnies will know that there are tonnes of reasons why it’s worth investing in your activewear. If you’re frequently working out in your leggings and sports bra, they’ll wear quicker than your everyday clothing. But no one wants to replace their workout gear every couple of months! When you buy cheap activewear, you’ll find it beginning to lose shape quickly, and it’ll stop supporting your body when you’re running, crunching or holding a warrior pose. Lorna Jane activewear isn’t only super stylish but durable and will keep you feeling confident and supported through countless workouts.

Even if you’re more likely to be found wearing your Lorna Jane leggings to the supermarket than to the gym, you’ll feel the benefits of investing in your activewear. These pieces are cute, well-made and body sculpting, meaning you’ll not only look but feel confident, no matter where you wear them.


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