Meet Alice, Style Boutiques Customer Services Manager

Alice McDonnell - Customer Sales Manager

Phone - 07514 064329

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Alice McDonnell-McAleer, Customer Service Manager of Style Boutique, wants to bring a whole new concept to online buying. Her aim is to ‘Provide high quality clothing that ticks all the boxes for all our customers. We want to create an Internet buying experience like no other - one where our customers can speak to us for a personalised boutique service and have all their queries answered regardless how simple or intricate it may be.’ So let’s learn a bit more about her!

  • So Alice, can tell us what your job is and how you came about making it a career?

I’ve worked in Style all my life. Being a family business, Style is all I’ve ever known – doesn’t mean I’ve always liked it… I went to Australia at the age of 22 as I wanted to see some of the World – but when I was there I realized I was learning skills in Australia that were perfect to bring home to Style and develop it into a career that I love today and that’s what I’ve been doing ever since.

  • How are you going to go about making online buying more personal?

I love working on the shop floor with customers, I get to know them and form a bound. As the buyer of Style, getting to know who my customer’s are on a personal level means I can be more confident in what I’m buying for each season. With the online customers, it’s harder to form a bound as I don’t get to physically meet them, but I want to change this. I want the customers to get to know me. I will be sending regular emails regarding fashion, food and life style fortnightly as I want to show my personality through my emails and want our customers to get to know me better, so they know that if they feel weary about sizes, colour or style of something online that I’m only a phone call away and I’m always happy to help.

  • What is the advantage to customers of being signed to Style’s Mailing list?

Basically I want the customers to get to know me better so that they feel free to talk to me at any time. Not only this, but each month all our online customers will receive an exclusive discount code that allows them to go online receive a discount for certain items that they’ve had their eye on. We want to give back to our customers so we’ll always be keeping tabs on our online service to ensure it’s the best it can be and caters for all our customers.

  • Are the hours long?

Being a family business, it’s constant all the time here in Style. We do have an available phone service connected to my mobile for customers to contact me 24/7. This is to give them the assurance that there is always someone on the phone and if they need help I am there. I might not always be in the shop to double check the stock, but my phone is never far away for anyone looking anything, I’m always happy to talk to and advise customers!

  • Surely the hubby couldn’t be happy with all these long hours?

The phone has gone off a few times at 11pm on a Sunday night - literally. Normally the conversations are only a few minutes so it’s never a problem to answer so he get’s over it.

  • Do you enjoy your work?

I love my work, I think when you’re working with family you have too. Talking to all types of people on the phone everyday making new connections and I’m always learning something new, you know what they say, everyday is a school day!

  • What would be a typical day in the Life of Alice be like?

The good thing about my day is it always changes! I try to get the gym in most mornings with a pint of green tea to start me off for the day. Trying to keep on top of all of our online sales making sure they go out is a priority in the morning. On top of this we have photo shoots on the go, customers on the floor in the shop and on the phone, I have buying trips for each season as well so I get to see parts of the world like London, Paris, New York and of course try to get the odd prosecco in there to stay sane!

  • If you weren’t in retail what would you like to be doing?

Probably be in a reality TV Show – only joking, don’t think I could be the next Kardashian! I love working with people so anything customer related suits me to a Tee!

  • What are your favourite things to do on a day off?

Prosecco dates with the girls. Obviously! Maybe spend time with the hubby too if he makes the cut.

  • What’s your favourite thing to indulge on?

Think we already know the answer here…Prosecco!

  • Who are your style icons?

I know this sounds cheesy but I have to say my Mum! She comes In everyday looking like a model of the runway to work, anything she wears sells itself! She’s also a brilliant role model to me, having a fantastic business for over 37 years and being an amazing mother.

  • What are your Alice Must-Haves?
Robell trousers are an essential for everyday life. Any shape, style or colour they’re perfect wherever you go. I Love them they’re my favourite thing to sell and wear, think I could actually write a book on them if I’m honest – they’re that good!