5 Stereotypes About MOB

We have all seen those movies and TV shows where the Mother of the Bride or Groom really stands out because they try to micromanage the whole day or they don't approve of the wedding! Well, we are here to debunk some of the common stereotypes associated with the MOB (Mother of the Bride/Groom)  

First of all, if you have a child getting married this year, CONGRATULATIONS! It truly is a very exciting time and your child does need your help to make the day special! (however, not too much help... ok?) 

Lets start with the most obvious stereotype;


1. Trying to steal the limelight

This can come in many forms; from drinking a little too much and turning into a cougar to wearing a big white ball gown... As the MOB you are part of the wedding, so of course some of the limelight will be shining your way, so it is important to remember when to tone things down a little and let the Bride and Groom show off a little! 

As MOB you are going to stand out quite a bit because, at the end of the day, your child is getting married! But just because you are going to stand out doesn't mean you are going to steal the limelight! All eyes will be on the Bride and Groom! However, it is well within your right as MOB to wear a highly fashionable and stunning outfit! Like the Irresistible Pink Floral Green Leaf Ruched Fitted Dress With V Neck And Sleeves 



2. Dressing More Traditionally

Many people think that MOB has to stick to the traditional look and although many love the more traditional outfits they are not for everyone! Many MOB's range in age and don't always want to dress traditionally. Some MOB's want to wear something a little different! It's not all about big hats and neutral colours - it's about what you feel comfortable in and what helps you feel your best self! Traditionally a MOB outfit consists of a straight dress and a long, matching overcoat. You don't always have to get your legs out either! Trouser suits have become increasingly popular within the last 6 months, especially for younger MOB's. Tick all the boxes with something stylish and different like this Ella Boo Trouser Suit! 




3. You have to spend a fortune

Everyone has a budget, whether you are the Bride, Guest or the MOB. I've heard so many stories about people spending a complete fortune on outfits and, although they looked amazing, regretted spending so much. Yes Weddings are expensive but they are as expensive as you make it! There are so many options for MOBs...

First of all, you don't have to buy new. You can always get an outfit second hand as you can be sure the dress was worn with care! 

Secondly, we sell a huge range of stunning MOB outfits that range within very reasonable prices! 

Third and finally, keep an eye out for the sale! Many boutiques and even high street shops slash their prices at least once a year! You could get an outfit that looks a thousand pounds without spending even a half of that! 

A sale is a great time to be getting a dress and so many boutiques offer a sale... Including ourselves! This stunning Cassandra Dress is now 50% 


4. You need to wear a hat 

40% to 70% of the people at the wedding will know who you are, so you do not need a huge hat to signify that you are the MOB. Now, if you want a huge hat, wear it. It is entirely up to you! 

However, there are some beautiful alternatives! You can get some stunning fascinators, gorgeous head bands and even glitzy clips and sliders! Each accessory as stunning as the next. Don't conform to something you are not comfortable with, not everyone is a hat person. 

Realistically you will never get the wear out of your hat again, so why not rent! The Hat Gallery offer a huge range of rentable items make sure to Check them out! 



5. That you need to be stressed all day

The day of your son or daughters wedding is supposed to be enjoyed! What is done is done and there is no point stressing now. Leave the cleaning up and servicing to the professional wait staff because that is what they are being paid for. Let the staff at the hotel do what they are best at and you socialise, dance and enjoy yourself! The MOB spends a lot of time making sure the rest of the guests are enjoying themselves when realistically, they are the ones that should be enjoying themselves! 


So remember, take a breath, enjoy yourself and there is probably a camera pointed at you, so smile! 

Happy wedding season all! 

Team Style x