February Newsletter

 Life is like February, short and sweet.


Things have been mental here at style boutique! I feel like every newsletter we send out I'm telling you all how busy we are. Truth is, there is never a quiet day at Style Boutique. There is always something happening and a new idea or notion in the pipe line! We love keeping busy! Keeps us young... right..? 


So what has been happening?!

This past month we have opened our new store in Magherafelt and although we will be sad to say goodbye to Marian (who owned the store previously) we are grateful to introduce ourselves to all her loyal customers. We really hope you enjoy our products and content as much as you all did Marians. 

So a little introduction to all our new email subscribers from Magherafelt. We are Style Boutique and we run four shops in total now and we are very busy with online orders too! Kate started the place off and her two children are now running the place with a huge staff around them! Kate still pops in most days to help out with customers and to do her famous videos for everyone to see! 


50% off sale is live

In the past month we changed our 30% discount to a 50% discount! When the 50% off sale went live we were overwhelmed with how many orders were placed! Monday the 23rd was so busy. It was all hands on deck! Our rails were so full of items to be shipped off that we were surprised there was anything left on the shop floor to be sold. 


That Monday was a record day for us where we came in at 9am to over 160 orders and the day never slowed down. We were packing mad in the office! We have never had a sale like it! Outfits are flying out the door and the poor DPD man was not happy lugging 10 duffle bags down the street to his van! But what can we do? We have to get those orders out! 



New arrivals coming thick and fast

If a 50% sale wasn't hectic enough for us why not throw loads of new arrivals into the mix! We got a full replenishment of Robell trousers along with some amazing new stock from Kyla, Rabe, Marble and much much more! We have all been busy adding the new products to the website and getting Rhonda in for the website photos! I think one day 23 box's were delivered! Hectic isn't the word! But you are guaranteed the hours fly by at Style Boutique because there is always plenty to do! 


We have also got some gorgeous new dresses from Couture Club that we can't wait to show you! but here is a sneak peek to our new favourite! 


Store Upgrade

With all these products coming in we thought it would be wise to give our storage a little revamp! We have plenty of space, we just have to work out how to use it to our best ability! So Daniel and I spent an afternoon (or two) putting up huge metal storage shelves - and now we can fit in four times as many pairs of Robell's as we could before! 

Autumn/Winter 2023 Buying

It is a good job we reorganised the store because Kate and Alice have been busy buying - and it will all be here before we know it! Kate and Alice have been tripping off to Belfast to chat with some of the wholesalers and they have taken a little trip down to Dublin to Fashion City! You can take a look at everything that happened down in Dublin on our TikTok Page where we videoed our trip so everyone could tag along! 


At the end of January beginning of February Kate and Alice headed off to London! In the middle of a transport strike! So you can imagine the two of them trying to get from one side of London to the other in less than an hour... with no trains. It was hectic but it was worth it! But realistically, it wouldn't be Style Boutique if things were simple! 




Photoshoot Day 

This past Month we also had our Photoshoot day! It was brilliant! We had the fantastic photographer Paula Donnely in taking some new images for the website to keep things good and fresh. We had our usual models in for the photoshoot; Kate, Rhonda and Elaine. However, this time Alice took a back seat as she was too pregnant to be modelling! So, we had an extra model to find! Daniels wife to be, Leanne, was the perfect fit! It is important to us that our models reflect the customers we have, the real life women! 


Keep an eye out for all things new season on our website! Also we will be doing a little 'what they wore' within the next few weeks so make sure to check that out! 


Kate is Back Dancing 

Now there would be no Style without Kate McDonnell so what has been happening with Kate? 


January is a very long and dark month for everyone so it is very important to get up and get socialising! So, that is exactly what Kate did! Kate is back Jiving in Enniskillen and it has been great. Thursday evenings are now full of laughter, dancing and more importantly, friends! 


Jiving is a great way to get moving and is always so much fun!  



Thats all from the past month folks! 

It's always chaotic but always great fun! - Team Style x