Discounts: A Bargain or a Burden?

Everyone loves to take advantage of a sale, myself included! From huge Black Friday deals, to buy one get one free offers, there are some amazing benefits to taking advantage of a sale. The main one being you get something for cheap or next to nothing... but... did you need it? That is the question...


When you are getting something for cheap not only is it hard to turn down but it's hard to consider that there might be some negative aspects to it. The only one being, did you really need it? My answer to that question, nine times out of ten, is "Yes. I needed it and I wanted it!" I love a good sale! 


Sales are beneficial for both sides; the seller and buyer! The seller gets to get rid of perfectly good older stock to make way for new items and the buyer gets a bargain! A sale is also a great way to generate buzz. Even the local pub takes advantage of a deal! Happy hour? Two for one cocktails? But do you really like the watered down version of their Strawberry Daiquiri or do you just buy it because it's cheap? When looking at a deal that looks too good to pass up, ask yourself: do I need this? Is it worth it, even if the price is low? 


A sale is fantastic for the savvy shopper but if you are anything like me, it just encourages impulse buying. Would you actually buy it if it weren't on sale? We are more inclined to buy things we don't really need if it's on sale. However, f you are looking for a big purchase like a new washing machine or a TV - you are looking at big money! But if you wait until sale season you could save a good chunk of money. I myself, only buy a new phone during the Black Friday sales. So yes, a sale is a fantastic way to keep a watchful eye on your purse strings. 


I love a sale. I thrive on finding a bargain!  And Omagh is the perfect town to catch a bargain! I got the most beautiful shoes from Scarpa in Omagh during their last sale and I am in love with them! They are a stunning black sandal with pearl detail, and they match perfectly with the stunning dress I got from our very own summer sale! My new favourite dress by zibi London!


The Shoes


The Dress 


The great thing about getting a summer sale in July is that the discounted Summer stock that you are getting still has plenty of time to be worn! We still have so much sun due in August and September to take full advantage of the summer sales! Some of you have holidays planned in September right through to November and Greece is still stunning in the Autumn months so there is no doubt you will get the wear out of your sale buys!


On the Omagh high street we have everything! Clothes, shoes and even jewellery! Argento are guaranteed to have a sale on 70% of the time and this time they had up to 20% off Pandora too! I was able to pick up a ring I had my eye on for quite some time. Pandora can be pricey so it is important to keep an eye out for their sale announcement otherwise you could end up missing the sale altogether! 


The Ring


My advice to get the most out of a sale is to buy staple items: things you know you will get your money's worth out of. And something that will always be worn is active wear! The Lorna Jane Activewear was discounted by 25% in our summer sale!


The fantastic thing about the Lorna Jane range is I know I will wear it time and time again! When buying products that you will wear frequently it is important to consider what you are willing to spend. They say when you buy cheap you buy twice and it is true! It's better to get great quality items in a sale than buying cheaper products. I know the stunning black Lorna Jane leggings I bought will be worn all year round, I'll wear them doing the weekly shop, lounging about the house and I might even wear them to do some exercise... 

Click here to see the full Lorna Jane Range 



It's clear that I absolutely take advantage of any sale! Riffling through a sale rack and catching a glimpse of your new favourite top is the best feeling! It's safe to say that I don't think for a second a sale could ever be considered as a burden!