The Burning Question from the World of Fashion - Soft or Hard denim?

Are you a denim fan? Why not? Denims are trendy, comfortable and long lasting elements of your wardrobe. They are colourful, stylish and they are ready to wear, at all times. Talk about ease of use!

Denims have been in fashion for a long time now. A large part of the world wears denims in their daily lifestyles. This is one trend, which has managed to stay in contention for a long period of time, due to its ability to evolve according to fashion requirements of people from different parts of the world. It is known as an ever evolving fashion trend. This has also provided people with a range of options to choose from.

Denims are available in so many styles and variations. Some of the most popular are;

  • Jeans boot-cut
  • Slim leg
  • Skinny
  • Super Stretch
  • Original Denim etc.

 This is brilliant for the customer, as it is giving them an opportunity to select a version of denim that suits them the best. This enables you to find the right denim according to your body type, something you will feel good in and look well in.

Another important aspect of denim jeans, is their material. There are different types of materials which form a denim, but it normally falls into one of these two categories; Soft or Hard denim!!

The question on the mind of many people these days, is which type of denim they should choose. Hard denim has been around for a long time and it’s only recently that Soft denim has become very popular.


Soft jeans are more comfortable and flexible, as compared to the hard denim. They are perfect if you need to wear your denims for longer parts of your days. They are very soft and will feel like a second skin.


Hard jeans don’t lose their shape quickly and won’t crease very much, which is a big plus point. If you don’t get much time for the upkeep of your denims, this type will be most suitable for you.

Both types of denim material has their pros and cons. The final choice comes down to your requirements, your lifestyle and your fashion statement. I really don’t think you can go very wrong with having both types off denim in your wardrobe. You can use the soft denims as your everyday look and the hard denims can be function as your dressy look. Either way, a modern fashionistas can never have too many jeans!